Terms and conditions



This proposal must be typed, or completed in ink and signed and dated by such person (Proposer/You/Your) who must be of legal capacity and authorised by the Proposer to seek a quotation for Liability Insurance and any additional coverage that may be provided by the Insurer. Please answer every question fully, and state “NIL” or “NONE” as applicable. Incomplete answers may not be accepted and can delay quotation.

Should there be insufficient room in the Proposal Form for full details, please attach further information on signed and dated sheets, wherever possible following the same format and
paragraph number.

It is the duty of the Proposer to disclose all material facts to Insurers. Where this is omitted,
the Insurers may avoid their obligation under the Policy.

For the purpose of the Proposal and for all purposes relating to any policy issued pursuant to this Proposal, a ‘material fact’ shall be deemed to be one that would be likely to influence an Insurer’s judgement and acceptance of Your Proposal.

Upon acceptance of the Insurers’ terms and conditions and payment of the premium, all information provided by the Proposer together with the guidance notes will be deemed to be incorporated in the contract between Insurers and the Proposer.

Your Duty of Disclosure

Before You enter into an insurance policy, it is Your duty to disclose every matter that You know,
or could reasonably be expected to know, to be relevant to the Insurer’s decision whether to give You insurance cover and, if so, on what terms.

Consequences of Non-Disclosure or Misrepresentation

If You breach Your duty of disclosure; the Insurer(s)may be able to refuse to pay a claim or to cancel Your policy. The same applies where You have made a misrepresentation, if fraudulent (ie. done deliberately for the purpose of obtaining insurance, or for obtaining it on favourable terms) the Insurer(s) may be able to ‘avoid’ Your policy. This means that the Insurer(s) can treat the policy as never having existed.

Non-disclosure or misrepresentation in relation to one policy may affect Your ability to obtain other insurance in the future.

If You are unsure whether some information may be disclosable or not we suggest You call Your insurance broker and seek guidance.


We are committed to protecting Your privacy. We only use the personal information You provide to us to quote on and insure this risk. We only provide Your personal information to our Insurer(s) and Reinsurers (and their representatives) and those we appoint to assist us with claims under Your policy (ies). We do not trade, rent or sell Your information. Some or all of the Insurer(s) and Reinsurers may be overseas.

If You don’t provide us with complete information, we cannot properly quote for Your insurance and we cannot insure You. You can check the information we hold about You at any time. For more information about our Privacy Policy, ask us for a copy. Copies of the Proposal Form should be retained for Your own records.


The policy provides that You will be required to bear a specified amount of all claims and this is for each and every claim made against You including defence costs. We will let You know when the excess is payable.

Your Legal Liability
If you take out a Liability cover section, the financial risk of court awards through litigation is ever increasing and we recommend that You select a Limit of Liability that takes into account the future cost of claims including legal fees and costs of defence. Even higher limits are available than your current limit if required. Defence costs are included within the limit of liability, when you take out a Liability cover section.

Waiver of Rights
If You have entered into an agreement with another party, which prevents your Insurer from taking recovery action for compensation from that party it may affect Your rights to cover under this Policy.

Should You now be a party to such an agreement or be requested to enter such an agreement in the future, please advise your Broker in writing so we may notify the Insurer.